Top 5 big insurance pay outs

By | 12/08/2018

Find out why Rowan Atkinson was extremely grateful he had insurance in place when you discover some of the most expensive insurance claims ever paid out.

Some of the biggest insurance claims of all time revealed

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the largest insurance claims follow catastrophes and natural disasters. For example, claims following Hurricane Katrina in 2005 reached £45 billion. And in the UK, the 2007 floods saw insurers paying out £3 billion in claims.

However, there have also been some hefty insurance claims related to rather less dramatic events. Here’s our top 5 pick of some of the most surprising and interesting.


1) Rowan Atkinson’s car insurance claim

When you think of Rowan Atkinson’s car, you might picture Mr. Bean hunched over in his little green mini. But we’re talking about something a little more pricey.

When Mr. Atkinson slid on a patch of ice in 2013 he was driving his F1 McLaren worth an estimated £3.5 million. The result was the biggest car insurance claim ever made – £910,000! A snip really, when you consider the car is carbon fibre with an engine made partly of gold.


2) Free test drive anyone?

In 2007, a car shopper in Aberdeen was glad of his insurance policy when he decided to take an Italian supercar on a test drive. Whilst trying out the Pagani Zonda S, he crashed and had to file a claim for a whopping £300,000. Only 10 of the cars are made each year and it had to be sent back to its maker in Italy to be rebuilt.


3) The huge price of fine art

Moving on from cars to art, one of the biggest claims ever made was to cover the loss of several JMW Turner paintings. The works of art created in the 17th and 18th centuries were stolen in Frankfurt in 1994 while on loan from the Tate Gallery in London.

Luckily the treasured pieces were insured, which was quite unusual at that time, and a whopping £24 million was claimed.


4) A costly slip up

The ice strikes again. In Virginia in 2012, a man fell on an icy driveway with serious consequences. The unlucky victim broke several bones and developed complications further down the line. The result? A claim for $7.75 million.

The insurance pay out was so high because the victim’s landlord hadn’t cleared the drive, or treated the icy areas with salt or sand – a legal requirement in the US.


5) Much loved cat

You might not expect to see pet insurance amongst the biggest insurance payouts of all time, but one poorly moggy broke all the records in 2010.

The well-loved cat had to go through a kidney operation that resulted in a payout of $22,000 – the single biggest pet insurance claim ever filed. What makes this story more surprising is the fact that the puss was a very ordinary mixed breed with no unique characteristics – except the love of his owners.ginger-cat-sitting-on-the-lawn

Source: Flickr


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