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Uber Technologies Inc. defeats a lawsuit

Uber Technologies Inc. defeats a lawsuit claiming the company swept illicit business practices under the rug that cost investors billions of dollars. U.S. District Judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr. in Oakland, California, on Friday, agreed with Uber’s and Kalanick’s bid to toss the class-action claims by a Texas city’s firefighter pension fund while allowing the… Read More »

Tips for Sharing the Road Safely with Trucks

Trucks are bigger and longer than traveler vehicles with specific constraints with regards to mobility, halting separations and blindsides. Many truck mischances can be maintained a strategic distance from if drivers comprehend these constraints and practice safe driving aptitudes when offering the street to vast business vehicles. Accident Lawyers in different law firms wants you… Read More »

Most mesothelioma lawsuits handled by an experienced law firm end in a successful settlement with virtually no stress placed on the clients and families. Filing a mesothelioma lawsuit can bring much-needed support and is often less stressful than most patients and families realize. Mesothelioma patients and their families are often eligible for compensation from asbestos… Read More »

Becoming American: Understanding legal and Illegal Immigration

The United States is one hot destination. Whether the lure is Hollywood, the Statue of Liberty or the world’s highest standard of living, people pour over American borders every day, searching for a better life. To do either, every one of these people is legally required to have a visa, issued by the United States… Read More »

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Bar accused of double standards after top QC hits out at solicitor-advocates

Scottish advocates have been accused of double standards after complaining about the practice of solicitors referring clients to solicitor-advocates within their own firm. In an article for Scottish newspaper The Herald, Roddy Dunlop QC, treasurer of Scotland’s Faculty of Advocates, said the ‘process of internal instruction can be both anti-competitive and contrary to the interests of clients’.… Read More »


In the past 5 years, 35% of private companies in Canada reported a loss due to workplace crime, such as employee theft, vandalism or forgery; theft was the most common type of loss suffered by said companies. Experts estimate that 96% of all companies will experience some type of employee theft without recognizing how much… Read More »