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What Is The Difference Between Insurance Appraisals Vs City Assessments

For many property owners and real estate investors, deciding on the correct amount of insurance to place on their real estate assets can be a difficult task. The total value of the insurance policy needs to be able to cover the full cost of a rebuild in the event of a loss of course, but… Read More »

Steps to Take When Dealing With The Insurance Company

If you’ve been involved in an accident it’s important to know the recommended process in dealing with the insurance company before you file a claim. Inform the individual who may be at fault for your injuries that you plan on filing a claim. Letting them know you intentions beforehand may prevent them from stating that… Read More »

Save Big on Two Wheeler Insurance by Renewing

All good things are exclusive and in limited numbers. Hence, whoever makes an early and timely move gets fruitful results. Similar is the story of two wheeler insurance, intrigued? Read On! Just like other goods and services, two-wheeler insurance also gets hit by inflation every year and the price rise comes into effect from 1st… Read More »

Can You Afford, Not to Have Term Insurance?

Are you the only breadwinner of your family? Does a question like “What will happen to my family when i am gone” bother you? Read this interesting article to know the importance of term insurance in today’s life. “The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety”- Goethe. Umm.. Trying to understand the… Read More »

Difference between Health Insurance and Mediclaim

Still confused whether to buy a health insurance policy or a mediclaim policy? Aren’t they one and the same? Let’s outbreak the myth today and know both Health insurance policy and mediclaim in detail! I certainly didn’t know that Mediclaim and Health insurance policies are two different terms! Until Health insurance came into existence in… Read More »

Car Insurance Do’s and Don’ts for College Drivers

Even the most experienced drivers don’t always know the subtle difference that can make your driving experience a child’s play! In case you’re a new driver, here’s how you can make driving safer, than being sorry. This article is especially for our young, energetic and new age college drivers who are in complete perplexity on… Read More »

Why You Should Never Buy Insurance from Your Car Dealer

When you buy a car, opting for the insurance offered by the dealer may seem like an easier choice. But if you take a moment to look up the plans available online, you will see there are much better options available in the market. Gaurav is over the moon. He has managed to save up… Read More »

The most dangerous risks for insurers – a midyear review

Cybercrime tops the list of the most dangerous risks for insurers in Willis Re’s midyear review of issues likely to keep insurance executives up late at night. Specifically, the most omnipresent cybersecurity problems to date are Meltdown and Spectre, two hardware vulnerabilities built into the chips of almost every server, computer and mobile device. Not far behind is the… Read More »

What a driverless future means for auto insurance

The American public is skeptical about giving up control of their cars’ steering wheels. Despite the enthusiasm with which autonomous vehicles (AV) are being developed by auto manufacturers and technology companies, recent polls, including this one, showed that few drivers are interested in giving up control of their cars despite the potential safety and time-saving benefits.… Read More »

Increase in owner-occupied homes leads to growing insurance exposures

For a dozen years – from 2004 through 2016 – the number of owner-occupied homes in the U.S. was virtually unchanged at about 75 million, even though the population grew by more than 30 million during that time span. In the same period, the number of renter-occupied residences spiked – from about 33 million to… Read More »